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JIUYEE Announces the Launch of Its Revolutionary New Product – A Hearing Aid Like Never Before.

The Next Generation of HearingAids Is Here

by John

New York City, NY / April, 2023 / JIUYEE, an up-and-coming leading manufacturer of  hearing  aids,  is  proud  to  announce  the  launch  of  their  latest  product  –  a revolutionary new hearing aid JIUYEE Real Pro Bluetooth Intelligent Hearing Aids that aims to change the way people with hearing loss live their lives. The new hearing aid boasts advanced features that set it apart from traditional hearing aids on the market. With its cutting-edge technology, users can experience clear and natural sound quality, while its sleek and comfortable design allows for seamless integration into daily life.

In  the  WHO  (World  Health  Organization)  report  for  2021,  one  in  five  people worldwide is currently hearing impaired .  Hearing  impairment  is  a very common health problem.

While the U.S. has a strong awareness of user needs and a well-developed channel.  Ultimately, the high cost is the main reason why hearing aids have not been able to expand their audience.  As users can see, even for Americans, the price of hearing aids is unaffordable.

“I often find that many middle-aged and elderly people around me are unable to communicate with people normally due to hearing loss. This has made many seniors become lonely, more closed off, and it results in low self-esteem. ” The founder, Channing Zhang, said in an interview that it was scenes like this that touched him and planted a seed in his heart.


The goal of JIUYEE is to bring the hearing impaired “affordable, good quality, noble and  inexpensive”  products  through  technological breakthroughs,  so  that  more disadvantaged  groups  in  need  can  enjoy the  benefits  brought  by technological development.

Supporting this sentiment is JIUYEE’s solid technical strength. The core R& D team has  over 20 years of experience in voice and audio signal  processing technology, hearing aid, Bluetooth, acoustics and other technical fields. The person in charge of product  development  is  a  renowned  scholar  and  industry  professional who  has worked for a well-known cochlear implant company and won many technical awards and invention patents. The team members in marketing and supply chain also have more  than  15  years  of  experience  in  the  electronics  industry  and  are  especially dedicated to the field of acoustics. There are many innovations in the audio product market, which have come from this team.

“Our   goal   is   to   provide   high-quality   hearing   solutions   via   technological breakthroughs that  improve the  lives  of those with  hearing  loss at an affordable price, and we believe that this new product truly delivers on that promise.” Channing Zhang said.

About the Product & Features

The  number  of WDRC  channels  in  a digital  hearing aid is directly  related to the hearing  effect  of  the  product.  Through  technological  innovations  in  chips  and algorithms, JIUYEE  has  been able to control  power consumption to achieve more than 64 channels of WDRC, which is 2-4 times more than the current mainstream digital hearing aids. This means greater accuracy in sound compensation and better amplification.

The AI chip of JIUYEE hearing aids is used to achieve intelligent self-adaptation to the environment.  People with  hearing  loss do  not  require the same performance from their  hearing aids in different environments. For example, a quiet room does not require high volume, while a noisy market requires enhanced human voices and suppressed ambient sounds. JIUYEE   hearing   aids   can   intelligently   identify   the   user’s   environment   and automatically switch among modes.

The Bluetooth chip combined with the hearing aid algorithm allows JIUYEE hearing aids to compensate for hearing even during Bluetooth use. traditional hearing aids  are not well suited to the wearer’s daily needs such as answering phone calls or listening to music. JIUYEE hearing aids solve this pain point by achieving a seamless connection between Bluetooth and hearing aid  gain,  supporting   phone  calls  and  a  range  of  smartphone  apps  including Whatsapp   and  Youtube.   Monaural   hearing   aids  with  similar  features  in  this dimension are generally priced at several thousand dollars or more.

JIUYEE has developed a smart app that can test the user’s hearing while wearing a hearing aid and give a suggested reference test result, which can  be programmed directly to the hearing aid if the user wishes so that the hearing aid can provide appropriate hearing compensation according to the user’s needs. If the user has his or her own hospital diagnostic audiometric results, they can also be entered directly. In this way, the user saves time, cuts costs, and can conveniently complete the hearing aid fitting at home.

As longevity is important, the device boasts a long battery life of up to 70 hours with type-C  charging,  making  it  convenient for  users to  use throughout the day without   having  to  worry  about  when  and  where  the   next   recharge  will   be. Overall, this new hearing aid is an excellent solution for people with hearing impairments, providing improved sound quality, ease of use, and versatility.


The JIUYEE RIC hearing aid was officially launched in April 2023. JIUYEE hearing aids will be sold online and offline through multiple channels.


A disruptor in the hearing aid market,The corporate mission of JIUYEE Hearing Aids is to make products that benefit and improve  the  health  of  its  consumers.  To  make  hearing  aid  products  that  are “effective,  easy to  use,  stylish  designed,and affordable” for the  public, so that all hearing-impaired people can hear crystal clear, high fidelity, effortlessly, and be able to enjoy life more is the mission of JIUYEE Medical Technology and the dream of its founding team. JIUYEE is a startup with immense potential, providing innovative solutions to those with hearing loss. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, JIUYEE is dedicated to improving the lives of those with hearing loss.

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